5 Ways To Decorate With Dark Colors

Do you find dark home interiors awe-inspiring and intriguing? Here are some tips to elevate the looks of your home with dark paint without losing out on good looks and brightness. People are often afraid of choosing dark colors for home décor; fearing it would make the room look devoid of lighting and freshness. But dark colors are cozy and enveloping in nature and when decorated with certain elements; you can make sure that no corner lacks any lighting!

1. Marble Floors

Glossy marble floors are the way to go when deciding on going for monotones. The sheen of marble gives it a highly sophisticated look and the reflective surface makes sure the room gets adequate light. You can choose from a number of options like plain marble tiles, marble inlays or geometric patterns.


2. NAVY is the new black!

If you want to skip on the usual black and go for something that’s in trend choose navy blue!  There is no color as suave as navy blue and it works so well with a combination of other colors like beige, red, silver and white. Throw in lots of white to get a good contrast and elevate the look.


3. Area Rugs

When playing with monotones and if you choose to skip the marble floors you can decorate your floor with beautiful area rugs. Choose area rugs in the same tones and experiment with prints so that it blends will the other elements. There are multiple options like geometric prints, floral or plain solids.


4. Accentuate with metals and greens

Choose the accessories in metallic tones to add a bright element and add some glitz! Place some indoor plants to avoid the room from looking lifeless(more). Jewels tones are currently in trend so you may choose the cushions and seat covers accordingly. You can also go for the antique gold look when choosing accent tables.


5. Add a little color

To add a pop of color and glamor to your décor; you can go for a completely different and bright color for your main piece of furniture. Keep in mind that it shall take the centre stage and everything else shall be in the backdrop complementing it. You can pick a color of your choice from red, green, blue, turquoise or anything that pleases you and let the rest be in monotone. This is the ideal way to add glamor to a living room.

Hoping that you are ready to make a bold plunge into dark home interiors by the end of this post. These tips shall come handy when working with dark colors. Happy Decorating!

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