All the way from Tuscany!

Talks about architecture and interiors remain incomplete without the mention of ITALY. When one thinks of Tuscan homes the unfinished plastered walls, earthy tones, archways and sturdy iron accessories come to mind. These Tuscan designs can be adopted in modern designs to give an eye catching, romantic, elegant and most of all luxurious feel. Kitchens, dining area and living rooms are most often the subjects of Tuscan adaptations. Here are a few useful tips, in case you are looking for a luxurious look to your house

1. Earthy tones and mural walls

Go for the natural earthy tones, like brown, red, beige, brass, gold, tangerine, for a rich look. Apart from the walls and furniture, the lighting should give a natural hue to go with this theme.  Meanwhile don’t leave the walls empty; as in the old days Tuscan homes had murals painted on them. So invest in a paining and mount it on that living room wall.

The earthy tones with an oil painting add to theme.
2. Plastered walls and marbled floors 

The villages of Tuscany speak of the roughly plastered walls. The same can be adopted by  segmenting a section of the main wall and give it a textured look. Well who does not know about the marble from Italy! The floors ought to be of marble with a very fine finishing. Alternatively, one can also use marble for countertops while using terrazzo and terracotta tiles for the floor instead.

The roughly plastered walls with marble countertop(see left) and tiled floor give a Tuscan feel to the room.
3. Wood or leather

 The furniture needs to carved out of wood or made out of leather. Hand carved and detailed furniture in earthy brown color gives an authentic Tuscan look. Oak, cedar walnut and pine are the most commonly used wood.

The cabinets made of wood while the stools made of leather along with iron pendant lights, arched hallway and marble countertop.
4. Wrought iron and arches

The key points of an actual Tuscan room are wrought iron medallions, side tables, candlesticks and chandeliers. These give the grandeur to the whole look. Arches are another key point in Tuscan designs. From hallways to doors and windows, arches are most common shape seen.

A modern interpretation of arches and sturdy iron lighting fixtures gives a modern Tuscan feel.

Tuscan interior designs have been objects of lust and longing as they derive characteristics from rustic and traditional Italian designs. One can interpret the key points and blend them to give a luxurious look to any corner of the house.

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