French Country Style

This style boasts of a warm and elegant look loaded with comfort. Inspired from French landscapes and followed worldwide, this style involves colors like red, green, yellow and Mediterranean blue. It features rustic and natural elements. It’s a timeless style that emphasizes on one’s taste and comfort; rather than trends. Here are some ideas, that one can incorporate to induce a French country style into the interior design.

1. The classic POT RACK LIGHTING

This is my favorite inspiration from French country style interiors. The pots, saucepans and ladles overhanging from this rack just scream France to me! It shall be a unique décor addition to your kitchen. If you are someone who appreciates kitchen islands, this will be the perfect buy to decorate it.


2. Metal Headboard

This French country style idea is something I have been longing to have in my home for so long! It gives your bedroom the perfect dreamy look. The canopy hanging from this metal headboard is from the center and looks utterly gorgeous!



3.  Whitewashed Wooden Furniture

Who can deny the engulfing looks of a whitewashed and antique piece of furniture. Moreover, you can Do It Yourself by painting the furniture in your choice of color and rubbing dark wax on it. The aged furniture looks like a piece of art and finds place in any theme of styling you choose. It is the way to go for dressers and cabinets!



4. Toile and Patterns

The most commonly seen patterns in French décor, when talking about curtains, cushions, chairs and essentially fabric, is toile. It is a beautiful piece of fabric with its surface printed with some amazing patterns. You can choose from a number of patterns from floral to stripes. You can also incorporate the same pattern while choosing the wallpaper.


So, to give your house a fresh French makeover follow these tips. Say “oui” to the calm serene vibes this look shall bring to a space. Happy Decorating!

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