What’s Trending in Home Decor

Fashion trends have been influencing the home decor trends since forever. The tried and tested looks of the runway give way to home decor looks. If you are looking for some interesting pieces to add to your home decor while being completely up-to-date; you are at the right place! Let’s have a look at major home decor fads of the recent times.

1. Watercolor Stripes

Well, we have seen them on dresses and now we are about to see them in home decor! The latest trend in fashion is watercolor striped dresses and it’s going to be a hit for 2018 spring. The best part is it isn’t even common in home decor yet! So if you are someone who wants to stay ahead of time and set a trend, you should certainly go for it. You can incorporate watercolor stripes in wallpaper, art pieces, dining table decor or any DIY project you plan on doing.


2. Gingham Pattern

I have always been in love with plaid patterns for clothes, be it  shirts, skirts, overcoats and so on. So it gives me immense pleasure to say that the 18th century Manchester’s favorite gingham plaid is making a comeback! The best thing about plaid is it gives you endless possibilities; you can make it look chique, summery, breezy and warm as you like. It plays well with all tones. Add neutrals and earthy tones it gives a warm homely look; add sheer fabric and lots of white and it resonates freshness; or simply team up with pink and faux fur and it becomes chique!

3. Duck Egg Blue

One of the best trends of 2017 is the color duck egg blue. It oozes freshness and soothes your senses. Widely used in distressed furniture look; it can be used without the distressing as a smooth finish as well. It is perfect for walls, furniture, table runners, lampshades, crockery and basically everything! Perfect for a calm & serene look this color gives the effect without much ado!

4. Patchwork

Everyone is familiar with patches on t-shirts, denims and even jackets doing rounds ever since the starting of 2017. Well, it is a major trend in home decor as well! It is perfect for a colorful living space and shall even work with other trends too. You can mix and match patterns and create a whole new look or you can go for the 3-D look with the patches. This style can be incorporated in the tiles, rugs, cushions, ottomans and other fabrics around the house.

So, do you feel inspired yet? The best thing about these trends is you can make them work together and raise the style quotient of your home. Let me know about your favorite trend in the comments! Happy Decorating!

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