I spy DIY!

Have you ever tried a Do-It-Yourself project you saw on the internet and failed miserably? Well, I am going to show you some ‘fail-proof’ DIY home decor projects. You can’t fail because they are that easy!

The good old wine bottles!

Next time you plan on throwing away a good looking, sleek and slender empty wine bottle, STOP! These are the easiest to work with and never do they look bad. You can simply clean up a bottle and use it is a vase or you can play around with glue guns, matte colors and even jute. Anything is possible, it can even be used as a pendant lighting!


Play around with the mirror!

Sometimes all it takes to turn a wall into an artwork is a MIRROR. You can mix and match shapes, sizes and colors. You can please your artsy self by decorating your mirror with wooden corks, sea shells, wooden spokes, plastic spoon cutouts and even a simple rope! So skip the plain mirror hanging on the wall and turn it into a piece of art.


Dip those legs!

If monotones in furniture bore you, there is a simple solution at hand; dip the legs in a different color! Yes, it works wonders and completely transforms the looks of a piece of furniture. You can also use it to hide the chipped wooden paint making it look glamorous at the same time. Go for metallic tones for matte painted furniture. Avoid going overboard and make sure some of the furniture(like the center-piece) is still painted in monotone.


Try out these ideas and rethink, reuse and recreate! Let me know how these turn out to be in the comments section and take the freedom to tweak them according to your liking! πŸ™‚

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