In a MAN’s World

Too often do we fail to consider the home décor needs of men while the truth is that men are as concerned about the interior design of their space as anyone else. Men tend to like designs inspired from natural elements, with clean definitive edges which are organizational and functional in nature. Here are a few tips to ramp up a space keeping these points in mind.

1. Reasons to go Dark

Dark spaces look classy and masculine. It is the first step if you want to dedicate a space completely to the masculine looks. You can go for black or even better NAVY BLUE! In case it gets too dark for your choice or you don’t want the room to look like a man cave; you can go for half of each wall or alternate walls.

2. The CHAIR!

A man loves his CHAIR! It is their comfort zone and they like to spend most of their there- reading, drinking, eating and everything else. Recliners and rocking chairs are the go to options as they are huge on comfort! Invest in the best quality as it is going to be the most used piece of furniture in the house.

3. Leather and wood

Invest in functional pieces of furniture keeping good looks in mind at the same time! Ottomans, trunks or side tables with leather straps will suit your needs. You can also invest in a valet to organize you accessories into; as the closet drawers do them no good. Another option is the bar closet. Jus remember to choose options with clean definitive edges.

4. Lighting

The spotlight style floor lamp is the best option to serve this look. In fact, it is gender neutral so it doesn’t restrict the look to men only. It shall look great in the study area. You can choose table lamps with clear geometrical shapes to go along with everything else.

Home décor is a way to express yourself in the space you live, so go on that decorating adventure and make your room look like your own. Happy Decorating!

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