Indian Roots

Indian style home décor is admired for its elegance and beauty. It boasts of royalty and intricate handcrafted designs. The vibrancy and richness of the look comes from warm hues of colors like saffron, pink, green, blue, red and golden. Natural elements are predominant in Indian home décor. Here are a few ideas to incorporate a “shahi” look in your home.

1. Elephants and Peacocks

These two can be incorporated in Indian home décor in fabric prints on cushions and tapestries, wooden carvings or metal show pieces. The possibilities are endless and the results are marvelous. While the elephant stands for grandeur; the peacock stands for beauty. Bring out your creativity while planning on how to incorporate these two for an alluring home design.


2. DRAPERIES not curtains!

When planning on going down the Royal Indian road, just any curtains won’t do! Pick out draperies to get a complete and grand look around the doors and windows. The thick cloth of draperies provides insulation and does not let light enter. If you want more natural lighting you can layer your draperies with a sheer curtain.


3.  Carved wooden furniture

The artisans from India are famous for the intricately detailed furniture designed by them. The legs, edges and sometimes, even the top of the furniture is carved out in unique designs. The hardwork of the artists speaks for itself when one looks at these beautiful pieces of furniture.


4.  Rugs and Lanterns

The final touches to the look come from the area rugs and the lighting and why not make it traditional? The hand-woven area rugs complete the look while the old style lanterns turn it up a notch! These lanterns can be used as tabletop lamps or pendant lighting.


Go on and find your Indian roots and dwell on the rich Indian taste in home décor as it never fails to impress. Happy Decorating!

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