Japanese Minimalist Décor

The peaceful simplicity of the Zen culture evolves around uncluttered living and a love for natural beauty. It presents the perfect solution for providing natural lighting and open spaces in small modern homes. You will love the serene calming effect that clean-lined elements can add to your home.

1. Aged Patina
Patina is a layer that forms on the surface of stone, metals or wooden furniture due to age and exposure which shall add a designer vintage look to your home without much ado. Most of the Japanese furniture is close to floor ad cushions forgo furniture when it comes to tea parties.

2. Sliding Doors and Screens
A traditional Japanese screen called a Shoji is an essential item in Japanese homes. It brings in natural light without heating up the space. It is often used to replace partition walls such as the bedroom entrance to provide privacy when needed and provide open space with proper air circulation for rest of the day.


3. Nature Indoors
Japanese homes celebrate nature by bringing nature indoors with plants like bamboo and bonsai( more). The predominant brown color of the wood is complemented by the greens of the plants. The theme thrives on open spaces, natural lighting and nature inside the house.

4. False Ceilings
False ceilings are currently in trend and so are geometrical patterns. Japanese style false ceilings are perfect trend to provide a pop to your living room. It is a growing trend that can never go wrong, so one can hop on to this one without much worrying.


5. Bamboo Elements
The texture of wood can be seen everywhere in a Japanese home. Try bringing these natural wooden elements into your home by adding a bamboo floor, wooden screen, or partition screen. Again it is the feel of nature that dominates the Japanese home décor.

In order to mimic this design add to your home natural lighting, open spaces, greenery, wooden elements, plush floor cushions and a patina coffee table. Happy Decorating!

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