Minimal is MORE!

Minimalist interior designs speak volumes, literally! The concept of having minimum accessories and decor is being adopted recently. The perks are many as it cuts down on the additional costs, provides the ‘spacious’ look and you get to show off that amazing flooring!

It can be adopted as an overall theme, or for parts of a home. As an overall(theme) it looks urban, saving you from the costs of buying the accessories to your furniture. However, it has a downside as it doesn’t offer you ample storage space. It can be avoided by smart thinking and buying furniture with storage space inside. Apart from the beds, your sofas and tables can have storage spaces too!


Yes, a minimalist design means more area to clean up daily, but there are no ‘hard-to-reach’ places! It means a fuss free home with everything in order. That nowhere translates to boring; as you can always turn it up a notch by a simple play of color. DON’T stick to the usual greys; instead add a subtle pop of color and observe how everything comes to life.

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