Do colors speak to you? If yes, then you are absolutely going to love a bohemian touch to your interior décor. In a world where homes are designed in monotones there are a few(like me) who want everything to look like a rainbow! That doesn’t mean your décor will look all flashy and bright , rather it will look vibrant and full of life! Use these tips to add a little color to your life!

1. Selecting the right TONES

The major part of the look comes from the colors of the walls and the furniture. Select colors which contrast and complement each other beautifully. My personal favorite is the classic blue and yellow combination. Don’t go for shades which are too bright as this is going to be the major chunk of the look, and should not look flashy. You can also go for pastel shades for a softer look.



2. Decorate with wall plates!

No Bohemian interior décor is ever complete without the famous wall plate art. They are painted in different patterns, themes and never miss at adding details to the look. These beautiful additions to your room will catch attention with intricate handmade designs. You can now buy these handcrafted plates on KraftDeck!


3. Patterns, patterns and patterns!

Mix and match patterns to get the right combination. Look for patterns while selecting rugs, cushions, curtains and almost everything. Go for geometrical, stripes, paisleys or “mandalas” when selecting prints.



4. Wall tapestries

Hang on those tapestries, as they provide you the look without much effort; if you want to go for a temporary look or if you don’t want to change much around the room. The mandala printed tapestries are my favorite boho chic décor item.


These Bohemian vibes are set to bring everything to life. To add on, you can incorporate plants in your interior décor( see how). Most importantly do not forget to have fun with colors! Happy decorating!

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