Trending and Never-ending!

Trends come and go every season but some can look fashionable for a long time. These evergreen trends survive the test of time and hold good through it all. Most of the interior design trends are inspired by the runway looks but some are existentially in vogue since the starting of time! This post is dedicated to the hottest trends of 2017 that are here to stay.


Well it’s still trending after all this time! Though it has been replaced by alternatives in the flooring department; marble is still the favorite when it comes to countertops! The beautiful stone provides a timeless elegance with durability.



The butterflies have finally found their way from kids’ décor to the high end living rooms. From wallpapers to fabric they are everywhere. Though I would personally limit it to the cushions and wall art installations to make a subtle statement full of a buoyant happy feeling.



Green has been declared the color of the year and is being incorporated in all ways and shades possible. From lime green on the walls to dark green on the furniture, from indoor plants for a natural pop of green( tips here ) to a bright green for the centerpieces everything is on the go!



The cold white and light shades are being replaced by the warmth of terracotta. This age old building material is making a comeback and how! The warm hues of terracotta will add a homely touch to the space. Just make sure you go for the matte tiles and not the glossy ones!



It’s time to rejoice as the cork walls are back and trending! For someone who always has too much on their mind cork walls are a must as you can pin up your ideas, schedule and basically everything on these functional pieces of home décor.


Trends may come and go but there are materials and décor ideas that appeal to us none-the-less. So, never hold back and express yourself while designing your own home space. Happy Decorating!

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